Curious Animals is a straight-up rock band covering the true classics in rock-in-roll.

The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and the Who are just s few of the bands covered by this group of seasoned veterans of the Dayton music scene.

With  the addition of Reyna Spears in 2009, the band expanded its universe to include classics by Linda Ronstadt, The Pretenders and Bonnie Raitt. 

Reyna has also supplied the essential 'third' vocal harmony so critical in many classic rock favorites.

With over 150 songs and ever expanding set lists, the band is constantly evolving and growing. 

Superior sound and lighting production, great players and spot on vocals 

make Curious Animals an experience you will remember



      Dana Farley --- Lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitars

             Reyna Spears --- Vocals

                    Bruce "Moose" Warren --- Bass guitar, vocals

                             Eric Replogle --- Lead and rhythm guitars

                                           Greg Snyder --- Drums

      Eric Dornsife --- Sound and Lighting